Amara Bay

amara bay

Scope:  Schematic design- Design development- Approvals  process

Client: Pacifica Companies

Program: 159 branded luxury condominiums, ranging between 900 sf to 3500 sf. Amenities include a fitness center, spa, media room, pet grooming, a board room, an outdoor pool area with barbecue, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireside lounge area, gourmet restaurant, extensive landscaping including a public park. Along the bay front, the program includes retail, and live/ work units.

Location: Chula Vista, CA

Construction: concrete frame

Located on the edge of the Chula Vista Bay Front Marina, the architecture borrows from the organic nature of the marina and wetland areas, creating a comfortable fit with the unique coastal scenery. Expressive detailing using natural materials, applied to major building components as well as human scale elements such as urban furniture and retail signage are a driving part of the design concept. Landscaping will be indigenous and drought resistant, and inspired by the rich california seaside environment.

The project will be LEED platinum, featuring innovations such as clear photo voltaic glass used in balcony railings and self shading glazing in all vision areas.