Dalian Convention and Exhibition Center

dalian convention and exhibition center

Scope: Conceptual- Schematic Design-  Approvals process

Client: Mr. M. Hwa, Xinghai Bay Development Authority

Program:  1000,000 sm exhibition facility, consisting of 14 separate, 10m clear height, halls and accessory structures; a 40 story 350 room hotel and class A office tower with 2- 2000 sm ballrooms, a United Nations Hall, meeting and breakout spaces, restaurants and amenities. Exhibition loading and staging  is on grade, visitor parking is in a site encompassing parking basement garage.

Location: Dalian, Liaoning, China

Construction: steel frame.

The concept is inspired by Dalian’s unique combination of lush rolling hills and beautiful beeches and great waterways. The sparkling spray of the waves, the ripples of water in the sea during a calm sunset, all can be recognized in the architecture.

The plan embraces the waterfront, creating a defined space for the outdoor exhibition areas and a central location for the conference center.

The exhibition modules are economically designed structures, with an undulating roof system. Each roof is designed in a simple set of folds, symmetrical about the center axis of the project. All the roofs taking together, the effect is a breathtaking, giant ripple in the ocean.

The entire exhibition project is surrounded by an asphalt apron, accommodating substantial truck circulation and loading. This apron gives access to all internal truck circulation as well. Each cluster of modules is bisected by a major truck street, and secondary side streets in between the individual modules.

Designed while design director at Nadel Architects.