Garden Apartment Towers

garden apartment towers

Scope: Proposal

Client: Hainan Xinneng Property Co., Ltd

Program:  136,902 sm distributed over 10, 30 story residential towers. 1, 2, 3 bedroom units range in size from 90 sm to 240 sm, totaling 780 units. The site is bisected by a community retail street with 3 levels of retail on both sides.

Location: Changbin West 1st. and Changbin 6th rd., Changliu District, Haikou, Hainan, China

Construction: concrete and steel composite frame, curtain wall, stained hardwood screens

Planned on two lots of the Changliu Masterplan, this residential community is an example of comprehensive neighborhood design. The program consists of 10, 30 story residential towers and podiums creating a retail street. The retail street, is carefully designed as a distinct vibrant urban environment, while stitching the two sites together with a community connector giving direct access to tropical gardens surrounding the towers. Thus, both sites through architectural expression, landscaping and planning feel as one neighborhood, with a strong individual identity. Hainan residential communities have traditionally  screen enclosed verandas and patios, expressed within a minimalist functional framework. The architecture explores the application of this local archetype on a high-rise program.