Haikou RonchengBojun Tower

haikou ronchengbojun tower

Scope: Conceptual- Design development- CD review- Approvals process

Client: Hainan Giant Home Buyers Limited

Program:  74,785 sm distributed over a 19 level, class A office tower, a 20 level boutique hotel tower and a 3 level retail mall. Parking and Back of House is in a 2 level basement.

Location: Changbin West 1st. and Changhai Ave, Changliu District, Haikou, Hainan, China

Construction: concrete and steel composite frame, curtain wall.

Hainan, and particularly this part of Haikou, has a wonderful climate of tropical  breezes, clean beaches  and sparkling waves.The

architecture of RonchengBojun Towers captures these loved qualities expressing the movements of the waves at the nearby beaches with its curved glass curtain wall surfaces, and the intricately textured colored glazing. The concept demonstrates how a design can be intimately connected to its location by eliciting inspiration from its environment, climate, and culture.

The project is  designed with international standards of quality of space and materials, energy efficiency and accessibility.