Pearl River Shores

pearl river shores

Scope: Conceptual- Schematic design

Client: Yuexiu Property Company

Program:  113,145 sm residential luxury condominium complex, including 3- 35 story towers and an affordable housing component. Units in the towers range from 250 sm to 450 sm; in the affordable component from 35 sm to 40 sm. Facing the waterfront, the program includes a public park, to be connected with similar waterfront developments. Amenities provided are an infinity pool, kindergarten, a restaurant, cigar room, a wine cellar, and a fitness center. A basement accommodates resident parking.

Location: 1026 Nanzhou road, Guangzhou Pearl River District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Construction: concrete frame.

The architecture is designed to communicate the special relationship between the river delta and the environment of its shores. Conceptualized as a vertical village, the project breaks down its scale into an anti- monumental posture.

Fresh air, proximity to nature and water, enlightened approach to energy are what make our towers different from anything else in Guangzhou. Every unit is planned with an indoor garden and with balconies with irrigated floors designed to be landscaped. Balcony glazing is accomplished by employing newly developed solar energy glass. Thus, the towers are actually covered in solar panels. The units themselves are designed to have a feeling of openness, yet neutral enough to accommodate the lifestyles of the minimalists or the opulent.

The towers are interconnected at the 17th floor amenity level by a sky bridge supporting an 80m linear infinity pool. Swimmers will be able to enjoy views of the entire Guangzhou skyline.

We created a feeling of relaxation, closeness to its environment, socially and physically. The landscape concept carries this forward. The site, other than garage access, is an uninterrupted pedestrian environment, lush, organically landscaped, borrowing from the rich palette of indigenous plants.