Pula Valley Wineries

pula valley wineries

Scope: Conceptual- Design development- CD review- Approvals process

Client: China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd

Program: 15 unique themed wineries, each about 4000 sm consisting of a wine production facility, exhibition area, a restaurant, 10 guest rooms, a gift shop, parking and an administrative area.

Location: Pula Valley, Yantay Village, Yantay,  Shandong, China

Construction: concrete frame, various cladding materials

The 15 wineries are part of a larger masterplan of about 35 wineries, with its aim to turn the Pula Valley into a Chinese  equivalent to Napa valley. Each uniquely designed winery will produce its own label of wine, have its own distinct identity complete with individual food offerings and bed and breakfast style lodgings. There will be organized tours to enhance the experience. In general, our wineries are nestled in the soft rolling topography of  the valley, shielded from view from each other, to create maximum impact of each design. The wineries are all planned with production in mind, but with enough flexibility to let each label decide on its own procedures.