Zhong Yu Garden Renovation

zhong yu garden renovation

Scope: Conceptual- Design development- Approvals  process

Client: Yuyuantan Corporation

Program: 3 separate buildings totaling 132,000sm. The project accommodates a 250 room Hyatt Regency, connected to a conference center with a 1500 sm grand ballroom and a 900 sm junior ballroom, complete with a set of meeting spaces and breakout areas; a 160 room Hyatt House; a speculative class A office building, with 2 subterranean and 3 above grade levels of retail; 4 basement levels with parking, back of house functions and hotel pool, spa and fitness center. Roof tops will be green spaces with views of the nearby landmarks, the Kunyu River and Linlong Tower.

Location: Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Construction: steel frame, curtain wall

The concept, drawn from the nearby two of the most significant landmarks in Beijing, the Kunyu River and Linglong Tower, is  inspired by a necklace of pearls, where each building is a pearl along the chain. In addition, the proximity and significance of the Kunyu river is reflected in the architecture: the soft curves of the building masses, the playful movements of the building tops, and the waving lines on the elevations, are inspired by the ripples of the water and the dancing reflections of light from the river’s surface.

The overall plan is inspired by historic meeting places, such as the traditional courtyard, certain city squares and others. This way, people experiencing  a unique environment will feel a sense of the known. All areas will have views of either the Kunyu River or of nearby Linglong Tower.