Sinorec Intelligent Robotics Campus

sinorec intelligent robotics campus

Scope: Conceptual- Schematic Design- Design development- CD review- Approvals process

Client: Sinomach (Zhuhai) Robotics Engineering Co.,LTD

Program: 135,300 sm buildable area to include 7 low rise, flexible space office buildings; a supporting high-rise tower with plug and play offices, a cafeteria and a 10th level pool deck with sandy beach bar and 4 levels of serviced apartments; a mixed use building with a shopping mall, a hotel, and speculative office space.

Parking will be provided by a system of underground, hi-density robotic parking, managed by individual smartphone apps

Landscaping will be indigenous on both ground and roof areas, using gray water, and collecting monsoon water in cisterns for irrigation.

The project will be designed to US LEED platinum standard.

The concept creates a flexible informal environment fostering team activities in unconventional lay-outs, inviting social networking. The most important aspect of the project is the interconnectivity between ground and roof, and between individual buildings. Landscape design incorporating as many indigenous materials as possible, will create shady, cool spaces everywhere, to encourage people meeting or just quiet spaces for those who need  alone time. It is carried out on bridges connecting roofs, and on the roofs themselves, thus allowing for an alternative circulation zone for social interaction.

To  visually tie the entire project to its immediate environment, the massing of the largest buildings recall the green mountains surrounding the site.