705 mapleton

705 mapleton

Scope: conceptual, schematic design, detailing and on- site reviews of architecture and select interior components.

Client: Self employed entrepreneur and her family.

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Construction: wood frame, recycled brick, recycled wood framing members, concrete.

Program: convert the original 2000sf structure into a 4200sf residence including 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, a media room and a new full size basement. Spatially, the plan incorporates separate but connected family areas. Retain original brick, wood work, window openings and roofs.

Situated on a tight urban site, privacy, yet closeness to gardens, a sense of openness and spaciousness integral to Boulder lifestyle are the major considerations of the design direction. Inside the house, the client expressed the desire to have the ability to experience common spaces as a close family, yet allow for individual entertaining in different zones. Contemporary interior finishes are juxtaposed to original brick work, yet are compatible in scale and texture.

All spaces, including the home’s infrastructure, are designed to be repurposed as family members mature and personal needs change.