winter retreat near aspen, colorado

Scope: conceptual design, schematic design, construction documents.

Client: Successful venture capitalist.

Program: 2500sf house to accommodate groups of friends and families devoted to cross country skiing.

Location: Marble, Colorado

Construction: wood and steel frame

The house serves a dual purpose: to encourage easy relaxation among athletic friends, with few obstacles both physically and psychologically; and to express the bold, unconventional mindset of its owner.

The design envisions an aggressively sculpted shed. Viewed from afar, the house will stand on top of a prominent mountain, as chiseled from rock. From inside, the feeling will be one of immersion in the expansive surrounding ranges.

Central to the design is a great room with large pillows for congregating around an industrial sized fireplace, and a huge table for large, elaborate dinner events. Guests are housed in Japanese style bunks with limited privacy and grouped in ‘families’. The owner, acting as host, resides in a private master bedroom, elevated half a level to enhance privacy.  A special passageway at the entrance functions as a valve between outdoor activities and indoor relaxation. This is where all special equipment is stored, maintained and readied for the next day. Several bathrooms equipped with multiple nozzle showers, a jacuzzi, and a sauna will declare that well to do athletes demand a minimum level of luxury, even while vacationing in a remote area.