Yangqin vacation resort

yangqin vacation resort

Scope: conceptual, schematic, design development of  architecture, interior design, landscape design.

construction documents for interior and landscape design.

Client: Huihang International Vacation Resorts

Program: 3 distinct floor plans of 92sm, 112sm, and 140sm. About 300 villas will be built in all.

Location: Yangqin, China.

Construction: metal stud, rain screen applied cementitious materials, weather and fire resistant hardwood.

The purpose of the villas is to appeal to those looking for an occasional leisure vacation environment. Thus, the architecture is conceptualized as simple, straightforward vessels to allow complete freedom of mind and quiet contemplation of surrounding landscapes. Vacations serve to reconnect with one another, therefor the living room, dining and bedroom spaces open to a shared garden, with decks, seating arrangements, jacuzzi and play areas.

On the south side of the building, architecture expresses indoor- outdoor continuity, with generous roof overhangs creating transitional exterior space. Entrances are placed at the north side, where the architecture takes on a formal and closed character. Though expressed minimalist stylistically, the act of entering the home is a sequence of events informed by traditional Chinese architecture.